The history of the zipper is over one hundred years old with its origins dating back to the industrial revolution. In fact, zippers were not created by only one person, but rather many contributors who helped develop the idea. In 1923, a Swiss inventor, a jurist from San Gallo, buys the European patent for a handcrafted zipper and at the same time sets up machines for the first zipper production line.

In 1983, Universal Win sets up the first zipper manufacturer in Dongguan, China. Universal Win begins to design and manufacture quality zipper products. In order to express appreciation for contributions made to the industry, by the zipper patent buyer from San Gallo, Universal Win creates a quality line of zipper, "Saga", to lead zipper technology into the new era.

Our zippers have been used worldwide and most of our key customers are producing personal garments, handbags, luggage, etc. We provide quality products that easily pass American and European standards of import safety for environmental protection and we have been granted ISO 9001:2000 quality systems certification. Our product development department and advanced facilities, let us supply to customers' differing product specifications. We also provide quality and reliable service as an OEM business. In addition, we provide over 600 variable colors of zipper to meet customer's multi-color design. Of course, through our product development department, we can certainly accomodate special products according to customer requirements.

Saga, is a creation from Universal Win, which leads to a successful, brighter future for you, while providing you with world-class, renowned service, and a brand you can trust. Please contact us directly for further information.